Letterpress Workers, let’s dance

2016 This is the 3rd artist book of Letterpress Workers*. The theme was popular dance and it is divided into three parts: an introduction – setted up in monotype and printed in letterpress, a short text about dance – printed in risograph and a collectionread more

La Viranda

Since 2012 La Viranda is an agritourism and wine producer based in Monferrato, Piedmont. I take care of their brand identity since 2012. The topic to communicate is simple: all the products are genuine, coming from local farmers – member of the cooperative, and everything is runnedread more

L’Almanacco della Terra Trema n.01

2016 Summer issue of L’Almanacco, the three monthly magazine connected to La Terra Trema. Realized with a small budget, it is printed using two colors (black + one pantone) and all the pages (16) come from only one sheet 70×100 cm. I decided to use the pantone for graphic details,read more


since 2013 CGPA is an insurance company based in France. Since 2013, in collaboration with Twister Communication, I design all btb and adv for the italian division. Art direction, btb, btl, adv  

L’Almanacco della Terra Trema n.00

2016 L’Almanacco, a three monthly magazine – one season for each issue, is the natural evolution of the various catalogues/posters done for La Terra Trema. Realized with a small budget, it is printed using two colors (black + one pantone) and all the pages (16) comeread more

Internal Audit 86

2015 IA is the house organ of AIIA, Italian branch of the Institute of Internal Audit. It’s a three monthly. In issue 86 the cover article was about compliance, quite difficult to illustrate. I decided to put two employers with two big lens and looking atread more


Some logos designed in the last years: Blue Prawn records, 2008, Netlabel (dead) Wekc, 2009, food and beverage consultant agency (dead) Mesaworks, 2009, communication agency (dead) Cesia, 2015, research center for insurance intermediaries (alive!) For all of these I designed various versions, in the requiredread more

Letterpress Workers, Borders

2015 Second book of Letterpress Workers*. The theme was Borders – from the 2014th edition, and the letterpress prints spoke about Freedom. The regular edition is also the catalogue of the exhibition Borders, exposed in Milan during Design X, Salecina (CH) and Weighstation (Bz). It’s availableread more

Lettering II course, 2015

2015 That was the first year of teaching at Accademia di Belle Arti Santa Giulia di Brescia. The focus was to understand how letters work in spacial and social contexts. For these reasons I organized some exercises like: take pictures of signs around the city andread more

Internal Audit 85

2015 IA is the house organ of AIIA, Italian branch of the Institute of Internal Audit. It’s a three monthly. In issue 85 the cover article was about corruption. So, the quickest and easiest way to show it was using a handcuff in cover. Art direction,read more

Internal Audit 84

2015 IA is the house organ of AIIA, Italian branch of the Institute of Internal Audit. It’s a three monthly. In issue 84 the cover story was “Which is now the way of the profession” with infographics full of details and numbers. For this reason Iread more

Letterpress Workers, the experience

2012 Letterpress Workers* is an international summit that I organize every year with my letterpress association: Officina Tipografica Novepunti. This is the book of the third edition. It is divided into two parts: an offset catalogue – with pictures of prints and work from theread more

La Terra Trema

2011-14 La Terra Trema is an annual fair of winemaker and farmers. From 2011 to 2014 I designed the catalogue for visitors, a 50×70 cm sheet folded with all the informations on the front and text about agricolture and territories ond the back. In 2015 itread more

La Cruda

2013 La Cruda is a small brewery based in Milan. Getting inspired by Mexican names, they asked me to make some illustrations and the leaflet for their beers. Art direction, illustrations  

Spirito di Vino

Spirito di Vino is a monthly magazine about wine, published by Swan Group. For the 2013 Christmas Guide to sparkling wine, they asked me some maps about terroirs. I used a system of icons designed some years ago for wine label, quite useful in smallread more

Toys for boys 8

2013 Second edition of Toys for Boys. The theme was Play. Inspired by optical art and using 6 colors – metallic silver included, I created visual effects with lines and shapes. Art direction, dtp

Antico Setificio Fiorentino

2013 L’Antico Setificio Fiorentino is the oldest and one of the most important silk factory in Italy, runs by the italian stylist Stefano Ricci. The book tells its history through pictures of ancient documents, textiles, places and various kinds of testimonials. Art direction, photo editing,read more

Rosa Shocking

2013 Report about stereotypes on gender in the italian society. Realized for the italian Ngo We World. Art direction, infographics, dtp.

Podere le Meraviglie

2013 Podere Le Meraviglie is a top resort in the hearth of Tuscany. The owners started running it in 2013 and asked for a classic brand identity, solid and contemporary. Art direction, copywrting, btl, logo. Website powered by NuClear Lab

Toys for boys 7

2012 Toys for Boys is an annual publication, edited by Swan Group. It’s a catalogue of expensive gifts – like cars, watches, clothes and shoes, with a common theme. Chaos was 2012’s one. I designed a six colors (CYMK + 2 pantone, one metallic included) hexagons textureread more

Milieu edizioni

2012 Cover design of the first three books for the italian publisher Milieu Edizioni. First edition. Cover design

Italia Cooperativa

Italia Cooperativa is the house organ of Confcooperative, the biggest italian cooperative’s federation. In 2012 they asked me a complete restyling of it with the goal to increase the pages from 12 to 16, using the same amount of texts. I changed all the fonts, introduced simpleread more

Campus Magazine

  2007-2011 Campus was a monthly magazine about life and lifestyle of italian universities and students. I worked as art director, doing editorial design, infographics, illustrations and photo editing. I designed promotional materials as well, like btp, btb, advertising and web. Art direction, illustration, infographics

Dist & De.Co.

2004 Dist was the first international fair of distillates in Italy, in 2004. Organized by Gino Veronelli and Critical Wine, it contained a one-day meeting about De.Co. (Municipal product’s denominations). The leaflet is part of the exhibition “Camminare la terra” at Triennale Milano (2014). Artread more

Asilo Aliprandi

2010 Asilo Aliprandi is an important nursery and primary school based in Giussano, north of Milan. It was founded in 1900 and, for the 110th anniversary, the direction decided to publish a book using old pictures with short text of former student. Starting from b/n pictures -sometimesread more

SwimmingPool Xpò

2006 In 2006 Atelier Spazio Xpò, a cultural association based in Milan, asked me to work on the visual identity of a collective of various kind of artists. During the 4-months exhibition there were videos, dj sets, visuals, sculptures and so on working together with the place:read more